sábado, 30 de julio de 2016

Intertidal safaris at nights with Debanatura

We are pleased to invite you to meet one of the most exciting small worlds of the Basque Coast, in the Geopark: the rocky area uncovered with each low tide. A universe of colours and exotic forms, with thousands of little secrets to discover.

Diego Mendoza, the official activity guide, biologist and expert on these coastal environments, will lead us through these hidden treasures during two to three hours trip, between June and September inclusive, coinciding with the best favorable tides during day and night for observing the marine fauna of these special corners of our shores.
So we’ve chosen three of the best places of our coast, in the Basque Coast Geopark:
Lapari (Deba), 

Itzurun-Algorri (Zumaia) 

and Saturraran (Mutriku).


Depending on the source or preferences of groups, we made the journey in one place or another.
Info & booking: 695 783 656 / debanatura@hotmail.com

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